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About Wiley Creek

Assisted Living, Independent Living & Memory Care Communities

Our Assisted Living community is dedicated to our philosophy of social, psychological, spiritual and physical well-being for every individual. Our intent is to allow each resident to function independently, at their level of ability, while providing care and assistance when needed.

Our Life Enrichment Activities encourage social interaction and engagement between resident and team members, creating an atmosphere that promotes resident dignity and independence.

Our newly constructed memory care community is focused on providing person-centered, compassionate care.


Our Team

Trina Schneider

Assisted Living Execitive Director

Trina was born and raised in the Willamette valley and has always tried to focus her heart and career here. As a teen she started helping seniors and fell in love with it. Her compassion and knowledge for care has done nothing but grow ever since. Trina is known for being not only one of the most personable and caring providers by her residents and their families, but also for being the best boss any of her staff could ever ask for. She goes out of her way to make sure things are right and everyone she knows feels special, cared for and important. Other than being a care giver, med tech, resident care coordinator or memory care administrator in the past, she is also a wife, and mother to 4 amazing children.  Trina brings her 17 years of love experience to our team and is excited to be here. In her spare time, she enjoys fishing, crafting, attending sports and in the summer can often be found near a racetrack.

Cristian Maciel

Memory Care Executive Director

Cristian Maciel was born and raised in Salem, OR. He grew up in a large family, 5 older brothers and two hardworking parents.

Cristian’s passion for working with the elderly started young, his grandmother’s diagnosis of Alzheimer’s and Dementia helped him understand the hardships and loss individuals and families experience in navigating these diseases.

Caring for people, like the elderly, has always held a special place in Cristian’s heart, providing assistance through the big and little things brings Cristian great joy. As Jamie Calandriello was quoted, the disease might hide the person underneath but there’s still a person in there who needs your love and attention.

Cristian began his career in this field in 2015, working from the “ground up” with experience being a Caregiver, Med Tech, Resident Care Coordinator, and now only 8 years later the Executive Director.

Why Make Wiley Creek Home?

The simple answer is this—our staff are committed to caring for and about people. From residents to employees to family members, the heart of our culture is in our values as described by the acronym of F.A.I.T.H.E.



We take joy in what we do.



We define ourselves by our positive, can-do mindset.


We believe character determines outcome. It’s who we are, not what we do.


We know we can do anything if we collaborate. Synergy is our way of life.


We have seen that honesty is freedom. We seek to live transparent lives. This is how we build trust.


We believe we will get out of life what we put into it. We hold nothing back.

What is Included?


Emergency 24hr Assistance

Planned Events

Registered Nurse Oversight




That’s Not All!

We offer a variety of additional benefits at your new home—

Garden Courtyards

All-Day Snacks

Patio Space

Music & Games

Walking Paths



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